Change of management: Oliver Rennig new CEO of the Elevion Group since August 1

Effective August 1st, Oliver Rennig, the former Chief Operation Officer (COO) of Elevion GmbH, has taken over the management of the group of companies.

As planned, long-time Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lars Eberlein handed over the baton and will take over the management of Elevion's shareholder in Germany as well as a shareholder function on the advisory board. He will remain closely associated with the Elevion Group by continuing his existing activities on various committees of the subsidiaries.

"The Elevion Group is an absolute success story as one of the leading full-service providers of electrotechnical and mechanical building technology - Lars Eberlein has played a decisive role in this. He has built up the Group from the very beginning, developed it into a high-performance community and led it successfully," explains Oliver Rennig. "In addition, I am convinced that the group will continue to benefit from his expertise as a member of the advisory board and as a consultant for strategic and corporate law issues."

"I deliberately brought Oliver Rennig into the group in 2013 and it was always clear that he would take over the position of CEO. Over the past few years, we have together created the basis for the future development of the Elevion Group, so now is a good time for the transition. With Oliver Rennig, we not only have an absolute industry expert and strong leadership strategist. Much more, we have a fantastic type of person who will continue to live the Elevion philosophy," explains Lars Eberlein.

In the last two years, several companies have joined the powerful community and given the Elevion Group a strategic impetus for growth. This has further consolidated the position as one of the leading total suppliers of electrotechnical and mechanical building services. The group currently employs around 3,000 people at over 55 national and international locations. The Elevion Group expects total operating performance of around €500 million in fiscal 2019.

Roland Fischer and Michael Übel advance to the management of the Elevion Group

The growth and change in leadership has also seen a broadening of the Elevion Group's management. "The Elevion Group has experienced considerable growth in recent years. As a result of this positive corporate development, it is now necessary to place responsibility on several shoulders. By expanding the management team, we are setting the decisive course for the long-term successful further development of the Elevion Group," says Lars Eberlein, explaining the decision.

In order to further strengthen and expand the technology focus in the group, Roland Fischer, Managing Director of the subsidiary Rudolf Fritz GmbH, has taken over the newly created position of Managing Director for all technical matters.

Michael Übel, Managing Director of the subsidiary ETS Efficient Technical Solutions GmbH, has joined him as a further reinforcement of the Elevion Group's management team with responsibility for overriding commercial and strategic issues. Both will remain operationally as Managing Directors of their companies and act in a dual capacity.

"The continued involvement of our managing directors from our subsidiaries is not only the logical consequence of our growth, it is also a signal for continuity and the strict development of our company group," Oliver Rennig explains the internal staffing and adds: "We have set ourselves the goal of continuing to grow with the changing market conditions and to expand our position in the industry even further, without giving up our unique corporate culture and philosophy.

The special situation that shareholder representative Lars Eberlein and management will in future make decisions in direct dialog supports our objectives. This makes us faster and more flexible than ever, which decisively strengthens our medium-sized actions."