Energy Solutions

Building efficiency
Reducing your energy usage is the most sustainable option of them all. Our experts for HVAC technology and lighting can help you identify the best solution for your building in order to improve its efficiency.
Photovoltaics (PV) play a big role in the energy transition already and will even more so in the future. The members of Elevion Group can provide a wide variety of services in the PV sector. Ranging from the planning phase, project management and financing to the construction of power plants and their operation and maintenance. There are even more ways for our members to help you to implement PV so don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any questions and take a look at their websites.
Sustainable Energy concepts
Finding the right way for your business to take part in the energy transition can be confusing. That’s where our members can help you to develop concepts that are right for you. Having our experience in different fields coming together makes it possible to find the perfect solution for every situation.
Energy Consulting and Management
Sustainability starts with rethinking your use of energy. Our members can consult you in all matters energy and help you manage your consumption. Through audits, consumption analyses, energy monitoring and measurement concepts we can aid you to shed light on parts you can improve.
Operator and facility management

Our members are able to support you in the operation of all kinds of energy systems. We also have experts that can help you with the management of your facilities as well.

Heat pumps

Heating and cooling are responsible for over half of the energy consumption in Germany, this makes it clear why this sector is very important in the energy transition. Heat pumps offer a way to regulate the temperature in buildings in a sustainable and energy efficient way. Let our members help you find the best solution for you on how to implement this sustainable technology in your buildings and facilities.

Energy storage
When using renewable energy sources your energy supply can be subject to fluctuations. This makes finding ways to store the energy you produce key to get the best use out of it. Our members can help you find the best technology suitable to your situation so you can get the most out of your energy production.
Converting waste into a valuable resource – biogas plants make it possible. Organic waste and waste products from agriculture and livestock farming are used to supply biomass plants. These are able to as biogas and biomethane which can be used as a renewable source of energy. Our members pay special attention to the rational use of agricultural land in order not to withdraw it from the food chain.
E-Mobility Charging
Electric cars are becoming more and more part of the mainstream. Especially since governments in Europe are starting to support the implementation of electric mobility more and more. In the future electric cars will be the norm rather than the exception. Our members can ensure that you can use your own energy e.g., from solar panels on your roof, to charge your cars. We offer the highest standards in safety, technology and conceive. This assures you a charging solution that gives you peace of mind with easy installation, operation, and maintenance.