Technical Solutions

Across all countries, all subsidiaries are assigned to service-specific solution clusters, which give the comprehensive 360° service portfolio a clear and transparent structure.

The „Technical Solutions“ cluster combines the core competencies of technical building equipment:

  • The work and assembly planning in cooperation with Building Information Modeling (BIM) and integrated system solutions
  • The comprehensive range of services for technical building equipment (TGA) with execution and assembly
  • Electrotechnical building services
    • Low-voltage and medium-voltage systems
    • Emergency power systems
    • Lighting systems
    • Safety engineering and hazard detection systems
    • Power generation and emergency power supply
    • Data and communication technology
    • Industrial and building automation
  • Mechanical building services (technology)
    • Power generation and distribution
    • Heating, cooling and air technology
    • Air treatment and process exhaust systems
    • Steam generation and supply
    • Media technology and infrastructure
    • Heating and sanitary installations
    • Decentralized power generation plants
    • Industrial air technology
    • Aeronautical engineering
    • Commercial kitchen technology
    • Control and switchgear construction
    • Drive technology
    • Automation
    • All segments of maintenance and repair

Our Subsidiaries providing Technical Solutions

Engineering Solutions
Consulting, planning and conceptual design
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Energy Solutions
Energy-related services and contracting
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