Evolution of

Evolution of sustainability

We, at Elevion Group, provide sustainable, future-proof energy solutions to our customers. Our vision is to be pioneers and innovators in decarbonization, higher energy efficiency and protection of natural resources.

This is our journey to sustainable and carbon neutral future.

Our purpose motivates us, while our strategy direct us

Elevion Group’s sustainable commitments are in line with our vision and as well as in line with EU’s decarbonization goals. Our key priorities are to

  • Provide decarbonization and higher energy solutions to our customers across EU markets.
  • Reduce emission generation and achieve carbon neutrality
  • Grow and develop our business following ESG principles

This is our long-term strategy and defines actual goals up to 2040 in the areas of environment, social needs, and administration and company management.

Our commitments


  • Decarbonization
  • Green energy
  • Innovative solutions


  • Availability of skilled & diverse workforce


  • Sustaible procurement
  • Achieve carbon neutrality by 2040 or earlier (net zero emissions) for Elevion Group’ operated activities by reducing GHG emissions (Scope 1+2)
Green energy
  • Increase installation of renewables & energy storage: PV, Batteries, Biogas, Hydrogen
Innovative solutions
  • Increase of its annual innovation spend at the minimum of 10% compared to baseline of 2022
Availability of skilled and diverse workforce
  • To position ourselves as one of the most attractive employers for future talents and current employees. 
  • Fostering an inclusive culture is crucial, emphasizing equal opportunities and support for individuals in their careers
Sustainable procurement
  • Implement common procurement rules and compliance with new legislation in Germany Ensure efficient sourcing and supply chain management