360° ESCO strategy

The solution-oriented way of thinking and acting in the Elevion Group is based on the holistic philosophy of learning and understanding customers‘ industries and markets, anticipating trends and changes in technology and proactively driving innovations in the generation, control and use of energy.

As a solution provider, the focus of our activities is on the lifecycle assessment of buildings and systems coupled with the demand for maximum efficiency in the generation and use of energy. The 360° service portfolio within the Elevion Group provides all the „tools“ for the individual and customer-specific implementation of these high demands.

The experienced and well-proven network creates a fast and efficient connection between all subsidiaries of the Elevion Group for every customer solution. Know-how and special knowledge, technical performance and manpower of the entire group are thus available for every individual requirement. There are no limits within the Elevion Group, be it between countries in Europe, between trades and services, or in terms of project scope, making the range of solutions perfect.