The Elevion Group currently includes more than 40 companies, operates in eleven countries and has customers among industry, municipalities and public organizations. Every year, Elevion Group implements more than four thousand projects of various sizes, designed to meet the specific requirements of each customer. The services provided include, for example: modernization of energy and heat management, modernization of lighting systems, energy audits, construction of decentralized energy sources (cogeneration, photovoltaic power plants, gas boilers, etc.), air conditioning installations, construction, operation, servicing and maintenance of technical systems, energy saving projects and much more.

Statutory name: Elevion Group B.V.

Seat: Herikerberweg 157, 1101CN Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Prague Office Branch: Duhová 1444/2, Michle, 140 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic

CCI No.  65782267

EUID: NLNHR.65782267

Date of last deed: 20.5.2020

BOARD MEMBERS: Mgr. Jaroslav Macek, Ing. Martina Kubešová, Mgr. Miroslav Šindelář, Derek Berend Blik

MEMBERS OF THE SUPERVISORY BOARD: Ing. Pavel Cyrani MBA, Ing. Martin Novák MBA, Ing. Mgr. David Machač


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