This is Elevion Group

Energy. Solutions. Together.

We offer ESCO for Europe. ESCO stands for Energy Service Company and expresses everything that matters to us, what our customers value and what our society needs. We translate ESCO into our 360° technology and energy service strategy, which enables our customers to implement sustainable CO2 reductions, continuous energy efficiency improvements and significant energy cost savings for their buildings and facilities.

Ingeniously decentralised. Because it is about the one world that we want to sustainably protect and improve with our services, we have combined the best of both worlds: medium-sized companies that offer highly flexible, powerful and accessible 360° technology energy services and the financial strength of an international holding company.

We are an internationally active group that generates and utilises synergies and benefits for customers and partners across Europe.

We are strategists, innovators, planners, service providers, professionals and go-getters who are all passionate about presenting the best solution to you, our customers.

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Our mission

The Elevion Group is the solution provider for all tasks related to the intelligent use of energy. With its focus on integrated energy services (ESCO), the Elevion Group provides its customers with solutions that seamlessly combine sustainable CO2 reduction, continuous increases in energy efficiency, significant savings in energy costs, and all areas of technical building equipment and services. With the Elevion Group, customers find an energy service provider that responds to the customer tasks and requirements that arise with regard to energy generation, energy consumption and energy efficiency as sustainable, future-proof and pragmatic solutions.

With the understanding of a european mindset and operating as a 360° technology and energy service provider and against the background of a dynamically developing world and dwindling resources, these solutions focus consistently on the achievement of customer goals. 

In order to meet these goals in a sustainable, economical and responsible manner, customized energy, technology and service solutions are proactively created and continuously improved. In this way, the Elevion Group is committed to fulfilling its responsibility towards people and nature.

Our vision

The brand name Elevion was created out of the terms „electrics“ and „vision“ and the power of these „genes“ is developed in a committed and dynamic way.

Translated into „tomorrow“, our brand name is synonymous with ESCO in Europe. ESCO stands for Energy Service Company and describes the forward-looking generation of comprehensive and fully integrated energy services.

As Europe‘s leading solution provider for integrated energy services and highly efficient energy systems, we make a significant contribution to the technical and ecological safety and economic success of our customers.

We are pioneers and innovators in decarbonisation and in the avoidance of CO2 emissions and the protection of natural energy resources.

Elevion Group is a subsidiary company of the ČEZ Group. Elevion Group is responsible for all ESCO related business of the ČEZ Group outside of Czech Republic and Slovakia. ČEZ Group is one of the ten largest energy companies in Europe, with more than 7 million customers and about 32,000 employees. In the Czech Republic, ČEZ is the largest producer of electricity from renewable sources, which consists of hydro, wind, and photovoltaic power plants. ESCO business in Czech Republic and Slovakia is operated under the company CEZ ESCO.