End-to-End Strategy


Each of 60+ companies that form Elevion Group has a deep level of expertise and experience in their respective industries, making us true specialists for any task related to decarbonization and energy efficiency.

As a solution provider, the focus of our activities is on the lifecycle assessment of buildings and systems coupled with the demand for decarbonization and higher energy efficiency.

As experience of 20 years tells us decarbonization cannot be achieved through partial solutions. That’s why togetherness is a key value of Elevion Group. We work together to become a one-stop-shop for any of our customers.

The experienced and well-proven network creates a fast and efficient connection between all subsidiaries of the Elevion Group for every customer solution. Know-how and special knowledge, technical performance and manpower of the entire group are thus available for every individual requirement. There are no limits within the Elevion Group, be it between countries in Europe, between trades and services, or in terms of project scope, making the range of solutions perfect.

Decarbonisation: the best showcase of our capabilities

Decarbonisation is the ultimate goal behind many projects Elevion already takes part in. And it will become even more prominent (both enviromentally and politically) in the nea future.

But it is also an extremely complex endeavour, which showcases the unique capabilities of Elevion Group: working across delivery from project to realisation, with many experts on board, at a large scale.

Elevion Group has been set up as the one go-to company to handle all the complexity of decarbonisation projects in the most efficient way possible.

Consisting of 60+ specialist companies, we can combine all the necessary expertise and manpower, achieve the required scale and maintain the flexibility to deliver within the ever-changing environment.