SYNECOTEC Deutschland GmbH


SYNECOTEC Deutschland GmbH, based in Heidelberg, is an experienced consulting service provider with many years of successful business connections to industry, trade and commerce. The engineering team has acquired particular core competencies in technical supply systems, analytical and structural methods for modeling energetic interrelationships, as well as in the legal context of funding law.




Service portfolio

  • Consulting
  • Energy audits and management
  • Support services
  • Building simulation and verification
  • Simulations of energy supply systems (CHP, cooling, etc.)
  • Development of integrated energy supply solutions 
  • Expert services and investigation of existing systems
  • Lighting concepts and LED retrofits 
  • Energy monitoring and measurement concepts 
  • Construction supervision and project management of complex technical building projects
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SYNECOTEC Deutschland GmbH

Sickingenstraße 39, 69126 Heidelberg

SYNECOTEC Deutschland GmbH