BELECTRIC constructs three solar farms for ÖKORENTA in Franconia

BELECTRIC has commissioned the first two of three projects for its customer ÖKORENTA close to Ottmarsfeld in the district of Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen and in Unterspiesheim in the district of Schweinfurt.

Kolitzheim (Germany) – BELECTRIC, the member of Elevion Group, installs three more solar farms in Franconia in Germany. In total, the PV systems near Ottmarsfeld (5.9 MWp), Kleinlangheim (5 MWp) and Unterspiesheim (2.6 MWp) have an installed capacity of 13.5 Megawatts Peak. During implementation, particular attention is paid to species protection.

  • Solar power plants in Ottmarsfeld and Unterspiesheim already in operation
  • Commissioning of the project near Kleinlangheim will follow shortly
  • Solar farm in Kleinlangheim equipped with bifacial modules

The third PV system is located near Kleinlangheim in the Kitzingen district. In total, the three projects have an installed capacity of 13.5 Megawatts and consist of more than 22,650 solar modules. BELECTRIC also provides operation and maintenance services (O&M) for the PV plants.

The 5-megawatt solar farm near Kleinlangheim is equipped with bifacial modules. Bifacial cells can absorb solar radiation from both the front and the back of the module. "In addition, on some module tables we are testing a special substructure which minimizes the shading of the modules from the back. This is how we get as much electricity as possible from the sun”, explains Abraham Chins, responsible Project Manager at BELECTRIC. During implementation, the company also places great value on fauna protection. In addition to planting trees and bushes and sowing a species-rich wildflower mixture, deadwood piles and clearance cairns are being created. They will provide shelter for numerous species – such as the sand lizard, the slow worm or the hedgehog.

Manuel Rebels, Authorised Officer, Transaction Management Solar at ÖKORENTA Group, says: "Since 1999, we at ÖKORENTA have dedicated ourselves to actively helping shape the energy transition: we enable highly attractive investments in our renewable energy funds. More than 280 green energy parks, which we have integrated as assets with our funds’ investors to this day, are already in productive operation and generate clean energy on a daily basis. With the newly opened BELECTRIC projects, we are very pleased to see three more solar farms being connected to the grid. We would like to explicitly thank the Franconian PV specialists for the flawless and pleasant cooperation on the way there. Here is to good revenues for everyone involved!”

"We would like to thank our customer ÖKORENTA for the trust they have placed in us. We are certain that there will be exciting opportunities for further cooperation in the future”, adds Kathlyn-Fe Hollmann, Sales Manager at BELECTRIC.