Roland Fischer takes over chairmanship of the new section "Electrical Engineering" of the BTGA

Roland Fischer, Managing Director (COO) of Elevion Group in Germany, was elected Chairman of the new "Electrical Engineering" section of the German Industrial Association for Technical Building Equipment e.V. (BTGA) by mid-September 2021.

With the "Electrical Engineering" department, the BTGA is giving the member companies of the BTGA organization that are active in electrical system construction a new platform that will, for example, deal with topics such as standardization work and energy saving legislation, develop solutions for specific problems in electrical system construction, and initiate and accompany research projects.

"The newly founded specialist area "Electrical Engineering" within the BTGA understands itself as an important link between the building services engineering trades of mechanics and automation, which reflect the technical building equipment as a whole. With this division, all decisive trades of a holistic TGA are now represented in the German Industrial Association - very similar to the structure of our group of companies. I am very pleased to be able to represent our group in this association," says Roland Fischer.

"With this new trade association, the German Industrial Association is taking into account the ever-increasing role of the electrical engineering sector in building services engineering," said BTGA General Manager Günther Mertz. "Cooperation between the trades in the building sector is becoming increasingly important, and the electrical and mechanical trades are growing closer together. We will actively shape this process with the new BTGA specialist area to actively shape this process. In addition, we will supplement our further training offers with the area of electrical engineering," Mertz continues. The German Industrial Association for Technical Building Equipment e.V. (BTGA) was created 1898 and is thereby one of the oldest German trade organizations. It unites as umbrella organization industrially aligned, plants producing enterprises of the building services engineering with own engineer capacities.

The BTGA unites well over 400 member companies, large-scale enterprises and medium-sized companies, which generate an annual turnover of around 9 billion euros and employ over 43,000 people.

Since then, the companies in the BTGA have played a major role in shaping the development of building services engineering. Today more than ever, engineering knowledge serves as a decision-making aid for important relevant laws and regulations.