Elevion Group announces new investments in biomethane production plants in Italy

Elevion Group announces that it has successfully completed the acquisition of the biogas plants of the agri-company Fattorie Novella Sentieri. The acquisition of these additional plants is part of the expansion of Elevion Group in green energy sector in Italy and was completed by Claudio Sanna, the new Chairman of Elevion Group Italy.

The acquisition of these already 6th biogas plant will integrate Elevion Group’s portfolio of bioenergy asset in Italy and as others will be operated by inewa, Elevion Group’s subsidiary with headquartered in the city of Bolzano. Following this further acquisition, the total installed capacity will rise to 5.3 MW. This will enable the generation of 45 GWh of clean electricity per year - equal to average yearly electricity consumption of  8.912 people - and save 20,212* tonnes of CO2eq emissions per year

These plants, located in the area of Cremona in Lumbardy, a region well known for long history of agriculture and food production, will be completely refurbished, expanded and then upgraded to produce advanced biomethane. The goal is to produce biomethane in total of 16,5 million Nm3 per year, starting from 2026.

"This acquisition is a further step in the consolidation and expansion of our operations in Italy," said Jaroslav Macek, CEO of Elevion Group. "Elevion Group's mission is to be a leader and pioneer in the European energy transition. In Italy, we are diversifying our operations. We will expand our investments in the biomethane sector and we will work with high energy demanding industries to provide integrated end-to-end solutions and power their processes with sustainable energy carriers. We strongly believe in the potential of the Italian market to respond positively to the challenge of the energy transition", concludes the CEO of the European group.

"This acquisition is part of the expansion and consolidation path of Elevion Group's operations in Italy and is an acknowledgment of the role that bioenergy has and will have in our country's energy transition" – says Claudio Sanna, new Chairman of Elevion Group's operations in Italy. “With these new plants, we aim to enhance the molecule in a circular economy perspective, to support the decarbonization of industrial processes for energy-intensive customers and partners and by that, contribute concretely to accelerate the Italian energy transition” concludes the manager from Cremona.

*Emission savings calculated considering gross thermoelectric emission factor (excluding electricity produced from biodegradable waste, biogas and biomass of plant origin). Source: ISPRA, "Indicators of efficiency and decarbonisation of the national energy system and the electricity sector", pp.77, https://www.isprambiente.gov.it/files2022/pubblicazioni/rapporti/r363-2022.pdf