Elevion Group completes the rebranding for Kofler Energies Energie-effizienz GmbH

Since 02.10.2023 the former Kofler Energies Energieeffizienz GmbH, member of Elevion Group, operates under the new name Entract Energy GmbH. The primar goal of this rebranding is to strengthen company’s focus on energy efficiency services in group’s energy for industry sector.

Following the change of name, the business will continue to be managed by Tobias Giesbers and Wilfried Werner. The new brand will focus on the development and imple-mentation of decarbonization strategies.


For many years, the company has been supporting its customers in the real estate industry and manufacturing sector in the planning, implementation and financing of energy supply solutions. On the basis of long-term contracts and a wide range of energy management services, the company ensures high plant efficiency and reliable supplies. In the future, the focus will be on the use of renewable energy when it comes to the supply of electricity and heat.

"Following the strategic realignment of the company to current market requirements with a focus on renewable and particularly sustainable energy supply solutions, we have adapted our branding accordingly," says Tobias Giesbers, Managing Director of Entract Energy GmbH. "We focus on the pressing energy issues of our customers and accompany them into a future that is as fossil-free as possible - open to technology and always with the technical and economic optimum in mind," adds his management colleague Wilfried Werner.

"We want to accompany our customers through the energy transition as a strong partner and would like to show this with our brand identity", adds Jens Goldmund, Managing Director of Elevion Energy & Engineering Solutions GmbH.