inewa | Member of Elevion Group promotes synergies with local farms and is working towards an ever greater sustainability of its energy crops

After concluding the second harvests of sorghum and maize, inewa | A member of Elevion Group, he is preparing to set up the land to host winter crops, as part of a new cultivation and feeding plan oriented towards sustainability.

inewa | Member of Elevion Group carries out a process of constant evaluation and improvement for an ever greater environmental and economic sustainability of its operations in the biomass sector. On all land, owned or managed, synergies with local farms and eco-sustainability and circular economy paths are promoted.

After installing sensors that make it possible to monitor various environmental parameters to minimize the impact of field operations, as well as water and energy consumption, climate-altering emissions and the use of pesticides, with this new project inewa | Member of Elevion Group seeks to promote higher sustainable and precision farming solutions and envisages the introduction of more resilient crops that guarantee lower water consumption.