2,054 solar panels for multifunctional event venue


This large, modern and well known multifunctional event venue in the heart of the Netherlands wanted to be the first Dutch energy neutral event venue. "The energy used in our venue makes it a serious challenge to be energy neutral. But we strife for maximum impact on our guests with minimal impact on the environment," says Timo Kruft, CEO of TeKa Group, a leading player in the Dutch catering and events industry.


Solar panels

There are over 2,000 solar panels on the roof of Midden Nederland Hallen. These panels provide sufficient energy to maintain 145 households.

Heat and cold storage

The location makes use of heat pumps and a heat and cold storage. This is a sustainable method to store either hot or cold energy in the ground. We use the heat of summer to heat the building in the winter and we use the cold of winter to cool the building in the summer.


Midden Nederland Hallen

Type of building

Multifunctional and energy neutral event venue


468k Euros


Key Facts

  • 2,054 solar panels
  • 558,000 kWh solar energy yearly
  • 10,000 m2 large event venue
  • Totally energy neutral
  • Zonnepanelen op het dak B.V. is responsible for PV (see video)
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