Solar Power Plant Deubach


By constructing the 48-megawatt solar farm near Deubach in the Main-Tauber district, BELECTRIC has taken on a new challenge. The Franconian solar energy company was not only responsible for the project development and construction of the plant but also ventured into ownership for the first time, adding the solar farm to the portfolio of its own asset company, BELECTRIC Greenvest. BELECTRIC also assumes the technical operations and maintenance of the solar farm. An additional challenge was that the solar installation is partly situated on a terrain with a naturally significant incline.


Throughout the planning and execution of the construction works, special attention was given to an ecological and nature-friendly implementation of the solar power plant. On the 38-hectare project area where almost 90,000 modules were installed, a special seed was used to protect the skylark, for example. In Deubach, BELECTRIC once again combines sustainable energy generation with the preservation of natural habitats. The solar farm does not compete with agricultural use as it was built on land with low agricultural land grades, unsuitable for agricultural cultivation anyway. Moreover, to prevent a long distance to the nearest grid connection point, BELECTRIC also constructed a separate substation for electricity feed-in.





Key Facts

  • Installed Capacity: 48 MWp 
  • Area: 380,000 square meters (around 53 football fields) 
  • Number of Modules: 89,180 
  • Scope: BELECTRIC fully responsible for project development, construction, and operation 
  • Supply: Electricity for approximately 15,000 German households 
  • One of the largest solar farms in Baden-Württemberg 
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