Low-voltage infrastructure in Factory 56


  • Creation of the complete low-voltage infrastructure and installation in the new building of one of the most modern automated car production facilities worldwide, with a gross area of 150,000 m² and the associated sub-buildings.


  • Preparation of the execution/assembly planning for the areas of BMA, NT/DT, factory and fire department radio transmitters
  • Delivery and installation of low-voltage scope of services
  • Supply of the BMA including fiber optic networking of 4 BMZen
  • Supply of the network infrastructure including the nationwide WLAN
  • Supply of the optical fiber connection to Profinet systems
  • Supply of the networking Ubisense sensors
  • Supply of the factory and fire department radio transmitters

Fa. Ed. Züblin AG

Type of building

Mercedes-Benz AG: Werk Sindelfingen Factory 56

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