Relamping for S.F.T. Trento


Relamping intervention in an apple storage, processing and packaging plant, with replacement of 100% of the luminous bodies with LED technology.


Installation of smart management technologies (dimmers and presence sensors), which allow you to automatically adjust the lighting and intensity of the light in each section of the building according to the natural light and the staff present in the area. The intervention made it possible to significantly reduce electricity consumption for lighting, achieving total energy savings of over 210 MWh. 



S.F.T. SCA Società Agricola Frutticoltori Trento

Type of building



Key Facts

  • Control of lamps via wireless: the lamps are interconnected in a network, controllable via the App or through the web interface; 
  • Easy configuration: the flexible system allows the configuration of individual lamps or the lighting control of entire areas based on the variation of the hours of the day; 
  • Preventive maintenance and error feedback: it is possible to monitor the lighting conditions of the environments in real-time; 
  • Minimized energy consumption: the adjustment of the luminous flux according to the needs allows you to minimize the costs of electricity and to extend the useful life. 


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