Small series production of CHP engines


CHP plants are used wherever companies and facilities have a high demand for electricity and heat at the same time, for example in schools, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hospitals or hotels. The economic efficiency of a CHP plant is determined on the cost side by fuel, maintenance and financing costs (capital costs) and on the revenue side by electricity, heat and subsidy income. The decisive factors here are a high overall efficiency of the plant, long service life and low maintenance costs.


COMUNA-metall therefore relies on specially configured motors, which are produced in small series by Bücker + Essing.

Bücker + Essing has developed technical solutions to gasify diesel engines with 50kWel and 112 KWel output, which are particularly maintenance-friendly and durable. The fuselage engines are 100 per cent tailored to the customer's requirements. As a B2B partner, Bücker + Essing has not only carried out the technical development in co-operation with COMUNA, but is also responsible for the small series production of the engines in quantities of 100 to 120 per year.




Key Facts

  • Gasification of diesel engines for high-efficiency CHP units
  • Technical concept development by Bücker + Essing and COMUNA
  • Small series production of 100 to 120 engines per year by Bücker + Essing
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