Carpenedolo (BS)

The hybrid heat pump system of inewa


Design and construction of a Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump system as part of the construction of the new "Villaggio Insieme" nursing home of the S. Maria del Castello ONLUS Foundation in Carpenedolo (BS), dedicated to people with dementia, Alzheimer's and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (SLA), which must be certified as a LEED building. 


inewa has designed and built the new Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump system with geothermal probes and 200 kW aerothermal hybrid (dual source).  The system has made it possible to cover the energy needs for heating, cooling and domestic hot water with an average seasonal performance (SPF) greater than 5. This will allow a 500% increase in efficiency compared to traditional systems (boilers, air conditioners, etc.). 


Carpenedolo (BS)

RSA - Foundation Santa Maria del Castello

Type of building

Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump


Key Facts

  • A hybrid heat pump system is the combination of renewable heating with a traditional system. The hybrid heat pump system switches between energy source, depending on which is the most efficient at any given time. 
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