The regional supply of water in Eastern Bavaria


As an experienced partner in drinking water treatment, HERMOS was involved in the implementation of the innovative and sustainable project “Waldwasser“. The Wasserwerk Moos near Deggendorf was built in 2018 for the regional supply of the communities in the Eastern Bavarian region. The “most modern waterworks in Europe” extracts drinking water from local groundwater sources in the Bavarian Forest and distributes this treated water to consumers.


The task of HERMOS was the realization of the entire EI&C technology for building and process – including the automation of the ion exchange plant, which softens and treats the groundwater and feeds it into the municipal distribution centers. The ion exchange plant regenerates itself in an environmentally friendly way using carbonic acid and softens the hard groundwater in Moos. From now on, up to 400m3 per hour of soft drinking water with 8°dH total hardness can be fed into Waldwasser’s networks.


Waldwasserallee 1
94554 Deggendorfer


Type of building

Drinking water treatment plant


Key Facts

  • Bus systems: S7 communication via Ethernet
  • Manufacturer SPS and number: 6 stations S7-15xx with touch panels
  • Physical data points: 4000
  • Virtual data points: 13000
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