A new group’s acquisition paves the way for further grow on polish market

Europe's leading provider of end-to-end solutions for decarbonization and energy efficiency, Elevion Group, has acquired the TRiM-tech Technika Instalacji Sp. z o.o in Poland as of November, 2023. The company fits into the strategic development of Elevion Group’s activities on the Polish market in the building energy solution segment.

TRiM-tech, established in 2006, provides design services primarily in the areas of ventilation, heating, air conditioning, gas and water installation and internal and external networks of wastewater systems. The company also offers consulting services such as supervision of the proper procedure for requests for necessary permits or legal matters or calculation of investment costs, etc.

Aquisition of TRiM-tech complements Elevion group’s services already offered by Euroklimat, leading general contractor for HVAC systems installations that provides installation, maintenance, and design services.

“By acquiring TRiM-tech, we have gained design capacities for Euroklimat. TRiM-tech employs reliable specialists who have appropriate engineering qualifications and are certified members of the Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers. The companies have already cooperated, and this acquisition is the result of a good experience with the potential for further business grow” says Jaroslav Macek, CEO of Elevion Group.

“We are very pleased that the potential of our company has been recognized, and we have been given the opportunity to make changes that provide impetus for further effective development. TRiM-tech's affiliation with Elevion Group brings new challenges, particularly through opening up to additional segments of the project market. We trust that leveraging the opportunities created will contribute to a synergistic effect, enabling Elevion Group to increase its share in the energy market in Poland” says Maciej Tryjanowski, Member of the board of TRiM-tech.

"We are thrilled to solidify our longstanding collaboration with TRiM-tech. The acquisition marks not only a strategic business move but also the formalization of a partnership that has thrived on mutual respect and shared objectives. Euroklimat has a history of successful cooperation with TRiM-tech, and we are confident that this legal integration will further enhance our joint capabilities. Together, we look forward to exploring new horizons, delivering innovative solutions, and ensuring continued excellence for our clients." says Andrzej Durkiewicz, CEO of Euroklimat.