Latest information on the Coronavirus

Dear partners and customers of Elevion Group,

The current coronavirus is an unpredictable situation for everyone. The safety of our customers and employees is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, we are closely monitoring the news and following the advice of the federal government as well as the guidelines of the World Health Organization regarding the spread of the coronavirus.

As it is impossible to assess the current situation, we are constantly working throughout the Elevion Group to evaluate risks in terms of potential impact on our service delivery and how best to manage the ever-changing circumstances.

According to the information currently available to us, the situation remains tense. In addition, we expect the situation to worsen significantly in the coming days. For this reason, there may be possible postponements in the provision of our services in the coming weeks and months, as we already regard the current restrictions in the areas of personnel resources, production, materials procurement and transportation as critical.

As the outbreak of the coronavirus has been classified by the WHO as an international health emergency (pandemic), if there are further restrictions in the area of human resources, production, material procurement and transportation, and we cannot thereby influence possible delays in our service provision, the Elevion Group considers these current cases as force majeure.

We are in close contact with our suppliers and subcontractors and are constantly re-evaluating the situation together according to current knowledge. As the current situation can only be evaluated at very short notice and the scope of the entire situation is very difficult to assess, we ask you to consider possible delays in our service provision and to factor these into your planning. Nevertheless, we will do our best to provide our services on time.

The management as well as all employees of the Elevion Group are working on solutions to compensate the current situation in the best possible way and to avoid noticeable postponements.

Your management of the Elevion Group