Rudolf Fritz GmbH celebrates 100th anniversary

The wholly owned subsidiary of the Elevion Group, Rudolf Fritz GmbH celebrates its 100th anniversary on February 23, 2019.

"We are very proud to have a company with a 100-year history in our group of companies," says Lars Eberlein, Managing Director of the Elevion Group as well as Rudolf Fritz GmbH. Certainly, company founder Rudolf Fritz would also be very proud of what his company, founded in 1919, has become 100 years later. To this day, the history of Rudolf Fritz GmbH is characterized by entrepreneurship and pioneering spirit. "Discovering opportunities and pushing through innovations," says Roland Fischer, "are unmistakable characteristics of Rudolf Fritz. We have retained these to this day." Thanks to these two enduring characteristics, Rudolf Fritz GmbH has been successful since its founding, a fact that Lars Eberlein also confirms: "Over the past seven years, Rudolf Fritz GmbH has steadily evolved and is thus rightly where it is today." With 600 employees, 11 branches and annual sales of more than 100 million euros, Rudolf Fritz GmbH is now a full-service provider for all aspects of electrical engineering and building services in Germany. With headquarters in Rüsselsheim, Rudolf Fritz is one of the largest electrical engineering companies and training companies in Hesse.

"We can only guess what Rudolf Fritz dreamed of back then," says Roland Fischer, Managing Director of Rudolf Fritz GmbH, "but today we experience what has emerged from his fundamental ideas and his values, as well as through the commitment and enthusiasm of all employees. Rudolf Fritz is a family business with strong values and a distinctive corporate culture." Werner Nickel, Managing Director of Rudolf Fritz GmbH, explaining the company's special characteristic: "There is great pride in the staff's attachment to the company. There are many colleagues who have been with Rudolf Fritz for 25 years, 40 years or even longer, some also in the second, some even in the third generation or as a family."

The company's 100th anniversary will be celebrated in an appropriate setting with over 300 invited guests on February 23, 2019. "We would like to celebrate the 100th anniversary with the people who have contributed and are contributing significantly to the success story of Rudolf Fritz - with business partners, customers and service providers, but above all with our employees," Roland Fischer explains the upcoming celebration.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary, a commemorative publication with an extensive company chronicle was compiled last year, which not only reviews the history of the company, but also provides some memories of Mila Gorr, daughter of the company founder Rudolf Fritz. For the compilation of the chronicle, it was possible to consult the archives of Rudolf Fritz as well as the diaries of Mila Gor. The commemorative publication will be distributed to all guests and employees during the celebration. Afterwards, it will also be made available for digital download on the company website. We are proud of our company history. We like to look back, but in our anniversary year we are also looking to the future. We believe that in 15 years we will have to be positioned very differently than we are today. The market will make completely different demands on us," says Werner Nickel. Roland Fischer adds: "Today, customers expect us to provide more and more planning and engineering services in the preliminary stages of a project. In addition, solutions from a single source are in demand. We are therefore occupying more and more technological fields." In this respect, the company also benefits from its affiliation with the Elevion Group. "With our sister companies, we can present ourselves to our customers as a total provider for complete building technology - from heating to automation."

In addition to electrical engineering for buildings and facilities, which will always be important, Rudolf Fritz intends to occupy various niches in the future. The close ties to the automotive industry that have been in place since the company was founded will continue to be an important motivator for Rudolf Fritz in the future. "In the future, we will be strongly focused on electromobility, including the required area-wide infrastructure for charging systems," emphasizes Roland Fischer.

But not only new technical solutions are important for the future of Rudolf Fritz: "We are sure that only those who have good, motivated and qualified employees in all areas will continue to be successful in the future and be among the winners," Werner Nickel states confidently. "We already have a training quota of over 15 percent today - for us, this is the basis for a successful future."