Technical building equipment for Deutsches Milchkontor


Effizient Technical Solutions GmbH ETS completed an extensive project as the general contractor for the technical building services for a high-tech baby food factory of the DMK Group. Despite many challenges, the ETS team was able to commission the plant‘s complex technical building equipment system on time with efficient organization and a great deal of know-how.


The ETS team undertook the detailed planning, construction and commissioning of the entire power generation and infrastructure for supplying the dairy plant with electricity, high-pressure steam, hot and cooling water, compressed air, drinking water and ice water. The project also included the installation of the heating and air-conditioning systems in all production areas as well as the sanitary equipment. For all trades, automation and process control technology were also part of the services provided by ETS. Up to 30 experts were deployed to complete the project. All essential components of the plant technology had to be designed redundantly. Overall, the planning effort for the project was enormous: Around 200 3D plans were drawn, exchanged and continuously updated. The 3D data enabled a virtual tour even before the first component was ordered. Nevertheless, the assembly of the plant remained complex: Due to the size of the site, a dedicated logistics specialist was on site to have all parts and materials in the right place at the right time. In addition, the strict hygiene requirements for the production of baby food applied throughout the dairy facility, even during the construction phase. Site managers and assemblers had to change clothes and sanitize themselves several times a day - for this reason alone, they were forced to organize their work flow in the best possible way. Up to ten contractors and up to 100 assemblers had to be coordinated on the construction site at times. Despite all the challenges, the ETS team was able to hand over the plant to the customer on time and successfully complete the project. In the meantime, the facility in Strückhausen processes 30 million kilograms of milk into high-quality milk powder for baby food every year.


Strückhauser Str. 64 - 68
26939 Ovelgönne

Key Facts

  • 14 AHU systems with 500.000 m3/h

  • 2 steam boilers 30 bar a 16,000 kg/h

  • 1 BHKW 1.600 kWel / 1.024 kWth

  • Compressed air station with 25 m3/min at 8.5 bar

  • 2 cooling towers a 550 kW

  • Piping: 19,700 m steel, 4,400 m stainless steel; air ducts: 2,500 m2 galvanized, 4,600 m2 stainless steel

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