Reconstruction of the water treatment station


Metrolog Sp. z o.o. was selected in a public open tender for the execution of the task: Extension of the water treatment station and construction of a water supply network management system in the Municipality of Płużnica - Part III of the contract entitled: Reconstruction and extension of the water treatment station in Płużnica.  The Municipality of Płużnica was the Investor and the main objective of the investment was to improve water quality parameters, stability of water production and retention for the entire municipality.

Prior to the investment, poor water quality parameters and lack of retention led to failures in the water treatment plant's devices, leaving residents and businesses in the municipality without water.


The result of the extension is: new space for the water treatment devices, two water tanks, a settling tank, a water and sewage network, paved roads and new installations of two water intakes. The building uses desorber-based water treatment technology; the first filtration stage is based on six filters with a diameter of 1600 mm and an aerator, the second filtration stage is based on 3 filters due to the high concentrations of two parameters: iron and manganese. The filters are regenerated by a special pump and blower. The capacity of the water treatment system is 75 m3/h. There is also a water pump system based on 5 pumps that draw water from water reservoirs and feed the water supply system. The capacity of the water pump system is 120 m3/h.

The water treatment plant supplies the water supply network with water of good quality and pressure parameters, and thanks to the water reservoirs there is no risk of water shortage in situations when the demand for water is higher, e.g. water intake for fire fighting purposes or during failure of the water treatment facilities.


87-214 Płużnica

The Municipality of Płużnica

Type of building

Water treatment station

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