Building Energy Solutions

Energy efficiency & decarbonization solutions for buildings

We support you in reducing your energy consumption in a sustainable way. Our energy efficiency and renewable energy experts can help you find the best solutions for your building to reduce energy costs, carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption while generating profitable and renewable energy.

Mechanical and electrical services, operation & maintenance

Customers who are looking for a full-service provider in the field of technical building equipment have come to the right place, because our experts exclusively take care of all kinds of technical services related to electrical engineering, the production of switchgear and control systems through to heating -, ventilation, air conditioning and sanitary systems. The range of services offered by our company ranges from consulting, planning, project planning, the construction and operation of systems to their entire maintenance and repairs - as a full-service provider, the Elevion Group is the ideal partner for complex projects of all sizes.

Building & process automation

We, the Elevion Group, are at your side as a service provider in the field of building and process automation. In order to network the components of the technical building equipment with and among each other in the best possible way, our units support your project in particular with advice, planning and implementation. The scope of services of the Elevion Group ranges from the classic measurement, control and regulation technology to the smart networking of the individual trades to the realization of smart buildings with the help of software tailored to your project.

Designing & engineering solutions

In order to successfully implement your project together with you, we at the Elevion Group are available to you as a reliable partner right from the development and planning phase. Our experts will work with you to develop ways to implement your desire for the best standards. Our focus here is on engineering services for technical building equipment as well as the creation, planning and the associated implementation of sustainable and long-term energy and building concepts.

Hard facility management

Our technical facility management experts ensure that all the systems in your property function smoothly. This is our contribution to ensuring that the users of your properties enjoy the best possible quality of life and work. Our aim is to guarantee you the best possible productivity, equipment and safety. Our services range from the servicing and maintenance of sanitary and air-conditioning systems, fire protection systems, heating, ventilation and cooling systems, lighting technology to electrical and mechanical systems.